Cryptocurrency dollar cost averaging

Buy cryptocurrency automatically at regular intervals and reduce your exposure to volatility

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Reduce the impact of volatility on your portfolio

Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy to reduce the impact of volatility by spreading out your purchases over time so you're not buying at a peak price.

Reduce your risk

Crypto dollar cost averaging reduces the risk involved in investing in a volatile market such as cryptocurrency.
DCA leads you to buy less at a peak price, and more at a low price, which reduces your exposure to price fluctuations.

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Buy the dips

AutoAverage allows you to automatically buy the dips. It's in our nature to be risk adverse. Whenever it's all red, most people tend to stay away from the market, or worse, sell their holdings. Having a strategy that always buys on your behalf, whatever the market is doing that day, is a great way to not let emotions get involved.

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You're in charge

We do not hold your assets. You do.
Funds are secure on your exchange, we only execute orders on your behalf. We do not have the permission to transfer from your account. Our code is also open source. Just revoke your API keys and we're out.

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Investing on autopilot

Cryto dollar cost averaging is 100% automatic with AutoAverage. You set your purchase amount, the frequency, and we take care of the rest. Letting you know how it's going if you so choose.

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Built for Cryptocurrrencies

Dollar cost averaging for crypto currency is domain specific.We build AutoAverage around crypto

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Funds never leave your exchange. We connect using your api key, which we encrypt so we never have acces to it. You can revoke access at any time from your exchange

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AutoAverage is 100% set and forget. You can choose to receive notification on each purchase or no notification at all.

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Robust infrastructure

Each user tasks run under a dedicated environment. This guarantees the best execution for your orders. Security is also increased in this isolated environment.

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No hidden fees

We do not have any hidden fees and our pricing does not fluctuate with market conditions.

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Open Source

The code we use to run our service is publicly available on Github. You can use it directly if you choose to.

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Built by Crypto investors

As founders, we are involved in Cryptocurrrencies ourselves and we needed this service. So we created it.

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